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About Us

We are an educational institute made up of a growing group of teachers, healers, artists, activists, and communitarians with so far a collective 37 years of experience in the 5 different aspects we've identified, that contribute to being a fully integrated human.

We believe this planet needs people who are fully alive and activated in all arenas of being human, not just one or two.

We are in deep service to those aspiring leaders who wish to participate in an alternative 'college' that empowers them to unleash the genius of their unique leadership in order to provide solutions to these radical times.

Together, we are growing an experiential understanding of how to relate communally once again, while teaching real-world skills to help ourselves and our local communities succeed.

While currently mobile on the Big Island of Hawai'i and on the vast ocean of the internet, we are an aspiring on-site institute and eco-village. So at this time we also use our expertise to serve those who are feeling the calling to start a community, without knowing where to begin. Or for groups who may have met roadblocks and are looking for a synthesized incubator in which to gain the skills to build their dream.

We approach Human Nature as a living learning laboratory of humans, living in synarchy with the rhythms of our true inner and outer nature.

Natural Silk


To empower all generations of leadership, in creating a sustainable, just, conscious, and deeply connected world for the next 7 generations and beyond. To be a model Institution that seeds the sprouting of many others over its lifetime; building a global network of local resilience.

Girl in Nature


ROOTED in wisdom traditions of the past; informed by our personal and collective lineages interwoven throughout the many cultural traditions upon mama Gaia. 

RELATIONAL by nature; in that all that we do and teach is emergent from remembering our place in the circle of nature, and the circle of humankind. 

RELEVANT to today's world, and to addressing unique needs of the times we are in. We ride the growth edge of cultural emergence, allowing for the roots of our traditions to expand and grow organically into the future. 


We hold a vision for a living-learning community that can help plant the seeds for a regenerative human society.  We envision a “school of the human” where people of all ages can come to learn all the things they need to be truly human, and which they didn't learn in traditional school.

Enjoying the Nature

The Team

Who We Are

Our core facilitators offer a curated curriculum that weaves together our unique flavor of eastern mysticism, western scientific, and indigenous practices, woven throughout the 5 aspects of our star, through specific lineages we've been empowered to teach.

Shardai Magdalena Moon

Co-Founder HumaNature

Founder Sophia Rising

Shardai Moon, RN is an initiated Rose Priestess, a 13 Moon Mystery School Ordination Student, a Temple Guide, a Sanctioned Shamanic Teacher in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, a best-selling Author, and a Healing arts practitioner. 


Shardai has been living, learning, teaching, and working within intentional community settings since 2011. She has dedicated her life’s work to the return of the Sacred Feminine & Sacred Arts to our global village. In doing so, she weaves together her extensive trainings & experience in regenerative community design & nature connection, as well as Western, Eastern, and Earth-based spiritual & healing traditions.


As the founder & CEO of Sophia Rising, Shardai offers community & personal ceremonies, Priestess anointings, a women's Isis Initiation, and a PMT Shamanic Apprenticeship.


In all her work, she invites the ancient wisdom keepers to come forward to offer their healing gifts. Shardai believes that the very wisdom & healing we seek is seeking to be remembered from within us.

It is her honor to help re-member you.

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Naga Nataka

Co-Founder HumaNature

Naga Nataka (Dances with Dragons) has striven to live his life at the intersection of arts, activism, and spirituality. He previously co-founded two intentional communities, and spent a total of fifteen years living in them. The first was a Buddhist practice community; the second was an urban homesteading community. 


Naga co-founded the Open Field performance art collective and the collectively-managed cafe Tipu's Tiger in Missoula Montana.  He then went on to serve on the collective management team of People's Food Co-op in Portland Oregon, where he also chaired the board for Tryon Life Community Farm and worked within the community rights movement.


He is an ordained teacher of Buddhist meditation & practice through the Triratna Buddhist Community, and trained to guide wilderness rites of passage through the School of Lost Borders. An author, playwright, and theatre director, Naga is also a former member of LineStorm Playwrights. He has worked as a builder, firefighter, and restaurateur, and loves cooking, dancing contact improv, and exploring the wild.

Naga believes deeply in the possibility of a better world through the design of intelligent systems that allow people to be more fully human.

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