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 Powerful culture creation for a New Earth 

Registration CLOSED

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Sept 10th 9am-9pm

Kumukahi Village, Big Island, HI
An intimate village-style workshop for inspired culture creators
$150-225 sliding scale
(including meals)

Daylong Journey

  • Get your hands on some common Land-Stewarding Tools, chainsaw & machete, to harvest food & fell invasive trees.


  • Experience Sensual Bee Keeping and immerse yourself in the lineage of the honey-sweet bee priest/esses, the Melissa.

  • Learn a powerful Buddhist Meditation, to loosen the bonds of ego and connect more deeply with the world.


  • Relax over a home-cooked Organic Lunch, and trade wares if you desire.

  • Experience Deep Nature Connection, and spend some solo time communing with the 'Aina.

  • Unleash the joy of your inner child through Divine Play, a creative play-shop of movement, breath & voice.

  • Share Soup & Story around the fire for dinner.


  • Bless your body Temple through an Ancient Anointing Ritual, with essential oil blends & sacred sounds used in the Goddess Temples.


Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Howard Thurman

Our Mission


Introducing the Human Nature Institute.  Our mission is to plant the seeds of a regenerative society for our descendants by teaching the arts of being fully human and awake in the world.


EarthWake is our new series of daylong workshops, games, and deep connection designed to immerse you in fun & meaningful learning, while in the context of an interactive 'learning village.' 


During each immersion we will experientially travel through the 5 main arts of our human nature: healing, sacred practice, earth tending, societal connection, and creative expression.


Each daylong highlights all 5 aspects of our Human Nature, because we believe it takes the combination of all them to be fully alive and awake on this earth.


Together we will spiral into deep connection to self and other. We will play, move, wander, and sit still on the landscape. We will share our gifts with one another, and be seen and heard.

Lastly we will catch the story of the day, as our ancestors have done for centuries.



  • Connect with like-minded communitarians and earth guardians, and conscious creators.

  • Deepen your relationship to the 'Aina (land) and learn how to steward Her in a good way.

  • Receive deep insights and connection to your ancient roots of bee keeping.

  • Be inspired to be a part of the change, and gain some real-life tools to do so.

  • Remember the healing power of essential oils and sacred space combined.

  • Engage in a powerfully gentle meditation and internal exploration of consciousness

  • Calm your entire nervous system, and come back to natural balance through authentic play.

  • Reconnect to your ancient belonging within community.

  • Receive wisdom teachings from those with a lifetime of gained knowledge.

What an incredible day Saturday was! So grateFULL!! I left with so much curiosity to learn more...

Jaype- former participant


Registration Details

-MUST register by Sept 8th-

  • Bring a single serving item from your kitchen or garden to contribute to our stone soup supper (veggies, grains, herbs, breads).

  • Must pre-register to attend, by Sept 8th, end of day. Tix are limited to 20 folks to support optimal intimacy.

  • Closed container- please arrive by 8:30-8:45 for a 9am start.  We ask that you stay the full day, if able, so we can start and end as one village (spaces for rest available).

  • Camping Option- overnight DIY camping at Kumukahi available for $35/night, please inquire.

  • Keiki Kare share with shared shifts amongst parents. 3y/o and younger are free and will stay with their guardian (this is experimental & pending enough parents interested).

  • Scholarships available for native Hawai'ians, and marginalized folks, please inquire (dependent upon our scholarship fund).

  • Kama'aina (locals) partial work-trade opportunities & alternative currency proposals considered for those with financial barriers– please inquire.

Sliding Scale

4 full workshops

+ bonus experiences

2 meals prepared for you

hands-on learning experience

gorgeous land to move upon

intimate educational setting

professional teachers

full-day container



All MUST register by Sept 8th midnight

limited to 20 spots

*you will be added to our events newsletter


What an incredible day Saturday was! So grateFULL!! I left with so much curiosity to learn more...

Jaype- former participant




"Bee Charmer" Shane

Shane "Bee Charmer" of Hawaii island is an Apitherapist specializing in separation disorder. Shane's evolved method of bee venom therapy allows for the bee to live during treatment. He uses special tweezers to pull out the stinger WITH the bee so the venom is delivered safely and the bee keeps her life. 


Bee venom therapy is an ancient Melissa practice. Treating modern illnesses from lyme disease to cancer. Shane has successfully aided in many remissions and held sacred space for healing for over 10 years with BVT(4 years with evolved harmless method). 

Shane is also working with genetics so the bee does this process on their own! It's called "uncorking" where the bee removes her stinger by spinning and pulling it out on her own. 


The Sacred Melissa and the path of pollen has been taught by Shane here in Hawaii along with private bee keeping intensive programs.


Apitherapy can heal by methods using candle meditation, brohmery, sound healing, ayurveda, plants, flower essence, BVT, honey, pollen, gems, minerals, and story time. The greatest teacher was Dr. Rudolph Steiner which Shane also helps guide.

Headshot.setsail copy.jpg

Shardai Moon

Co-founder Human Nature Institute and  Founder Sophia Rising, Shardai Moon, RN is an initiated Rose & Scent Priestess, a 13 Moon Mystery School Ordination Student, a certified Priestess Temple Guide, a Sanctioned Shamanic Teacher in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, a best-selling Author, and a Healing arts practitioner. 


Shardai has been living, learning, teaching, and working within intentional community settings since 2011. She has dedicated her life’s work to the return of the Sacred Feminine & Sacred Arts to our global village. In doing so, she weaves together her extensive trainings & experience in regenerative community design & nature connection, as well as Western, Eastern, and Earth-based spiritual & healing traditions.


As the founder & CEO of Sophia Rising, Shardai offers Priestess Temples & Mystery School tracks of study.


In all her work, she invites the ancient wisdom keepers to come forward to offer their healing gifts. Shardai believes that the very wisdom & healing we seek is seeking to be remembered from within us.

It is her honor to help re-member you.


Kai Sunrise

Kaï Sunrise (she/her) is a divine channel for light, unconditional love and joy. Her love for Gaia has deep roots that have led her to being a Wayshower for New Earth culture.


Her devotion to co-creating peace on Gaia is currently focussed on Playshops & Ceremonies, of Divine Play & Light Language, where she guides participants in discovering their unique expression of authentic soul essence. 


She was born in Montreal, Quebec and spent the majority of her childhood on Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. At a young age, Kaï performed all over New England in a Hip Hop Crew called Kelly Peters Dance.


Later on, she studied Contemporary Dance Choreography at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, and spent a semester at the Norwegian Theatre Academy in Norway.


She has been featured in Artist Residencies and Festivals such as: The School of Making Thinking in New York, Nuit Blanche in Montreal, Touch & Play at Earthdance in Massachusetts, and Heart Honey, Art & Flow and Pono Fest on the Big Island of Hawaii where she is currently based.


Her physical and vocal channelling practice have roots in an Improv group from Montreal and have grown exponentially from listening to the spirit of the ocean and the land on Kauai and Big Island.


Naga Nataka

Human Nature Institute Co-founder Naga Nataka (Dances with Dragons) has striven to live his life at the intersection of arts, activism, and spirituality. 


He is an ordained teacher of Buddhist meditation & practice through the Triratna Buddhist Community, and trained to guide wilderness rites of passage through the School of Lost Borders. He has taught meditation & Buddhist practice since 2001, both to the public and to state prison inmates.  An author, playwright, and theatre director, Naga is also a former member of LineStorm Playwrights.

Naga has taught Contact Improv since 2005, and trained with some of the biggest names in the field, including Martin Keogh, Nita Little, and Andrew Harwood

He believes that we live in an amazing time of transformation and the unleashing of humanity's full potential.

Shardai & Naga

Co-Founders of the Human Nature Institute, Shardai and Naga will be holding the container and natural flow for this event.


They will be offering their own wisdom of over 37 combined years of earth-based community building, as needed, and honoring the wisdom of our guest presenters.

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