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Meet the Founders


Shardai Moon, RN is an initiated Rose Priestess, a Sanctioned Shamanic Teacher in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, a best-selling Author, and  a Healing Ceremonialist. 


Shardai has been living, learning, teaching, and working within intentional community settings since 2011. She has dedicated her life’s work to the regeneration of the Sacred Feminine, and of the Sacred Arts on this planet. In doing so, she weaves together her extensive trainings & experience in regenerative community design & nature connection, as well as Western, Eastern, and Earth-based spiritual & healing traditions.


Through her own sacred business, Shardai offers a Rose Priestess Women’s Temple & Mystery School, private healing programs, and a PMT Shamanic Apprenticeship. In all her work, she invites the ancient wisdom keepers to come forward to offer their healing gifts. 


Shardai believes that the very wisdom & healing we seek is seeking to be remembered from within us.

It is her honor to help re-member you.

Naga Nataka (Dances with Dragons) has striven to live his life at the intersection of arts, activism, and spirituality. He previously co-founded two intentional communities, and spent a total of fifteen years living in them. The first was a Buddhist practice community; the second was an urban homesteading community. 


Naga co-founded the Open Field performance art collective in Missoula Montana, served on the collective management team of People's Food Co-op in Portland Oregon, where he also chaired the board for Tryon Life Community Farm, and has spent many years organizing and working within other collectively-run businesses and activist organizations. 


He is an ordained teacher of Buddhist meditation & practice through the Triratna Buddhist Community, and trained to guide wilderness rites of passage through the School of Lost Borders. An author, playwright, and theatre director, Naga is also a former member of LineStorm Playwrights. He has worked as a builder, firefighter, and restaurateur, and loves cooking, dancing contact improv, and exploring the wild.


Naga believes deeply in the possibility of a better world through the design of intelligent systems that allow people to be more fully human.

Provisional Stakeholder

Bruce 'Spruce' Horowitz is the Founder and Lead Designer/'Land-sculptor' of RIPE Landscapes, and has been an eco-pioneer for two decades now.


In addition to having organized and taught Permaculture Courses with top teachers around the world, he has been a co-founder of North Bay Art and Revolution political theater troupe, the Biofuels Research Coop, The Cascadian Homesteaders Community Land Trust as well as many other endeavors, including teaching and organizing permaculture classes and courses at sites including Inspiration Farm, OUR Ecovillage and Buena Fortuna Gardens. He has also consulted for projects and presented at conferences worldwide.  

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