Our Offerings

Its with great heart and purpose, that we curate for you a “school of the human” where people of all ages can come to learn all the broad-based skills they need to thrive and become leaders in this world, and which they didn't learn in school.

You are free to explore our 5 different aspects of curriculum below, and stay tuned to our UPCOMING EVENTS for more.

close up flowers


For the Spiritual Seeker

If you long for a solid container to help hold you in your conscious awakening, and offer context of how to navigate and be an embodied leader through these times of global change and crisis, this aspect is for you. EXPLORE


For the Web Weaver

Thinking of building a community? Deep in the process already and coming upon roadblocks? Join us for an intro course or consult with us privately to ensure your foundation is secure before you press GO! EXPLORE.

Zen Stones


For the Expressive Artist

For those who believe art is essential to culture. Our offerings here allow you to express your passions, and help give voice to the important topics of our times.


For the Nature Lover

Do you live with your hands in the earth, or wish to reconnect to your roots? Join us for some hands-on immersions in Permaculture, deep nature connection practices, or native hand-craft.

Green Leaf


For the Alchemist

For those wishing to experience a soul-based approach to healing and whole-ing that provides balance for the whole human. Experience a shamanic or priestess healing session for yourself.  EXPLORE